The nature of Victory is that it belongs to no one...   until it's taken.

Written and Directed by Álvaro Ortega Sanahuja, this project was his thesis film at the New York Film Academy. With this chamber drama film set in one location during the period of only one night, Álvaro intends to explore through this story and its characters themes of competition, conflict, greed, hate or evolution, and philosophies such as Nietzsche's will to power or Freud's psychosexual development.

The competitive pianist Marsha Gunn is introduced during a cocktail party to the hostess, Barbara Abbott -another pianist. Both discover that the two of them are interested in the same part in a European philharmonic. 

After the party, Marsha's car breaks down and she's forced to stay at Barbara's big country house. As the night goes on, the tension and competition between them rises to a point where both are willing to bring out the worst in themselves, to prove who is the best amongst them.

"My personal investment and passion for the story and the characters is not the only reason why I want to do this film. I'm excited because it is an original piece. I can't recall seeing anything similar. This is a film that emphasizes themes that I think everyone can relate to and never have had the opportunity to see on screen before. 

I wanted the main characters to be women because films like these usually contain male protagonists. I don’t like this due to the majority of films about woman competing, the conflict is about a man both are interested in. I consider this simplistic and sexist. This film will be about strong independent women who do not need anyone to succeed. My objective with this drama and with my whole filmography is to create roles that were unavailable to women and show audiences and the industry that these roles are as or more interesting than male roles.

Cinematically, I’m interested in creating a short drama that focuses on two characters in one location. I think it is a great opportunity to explore characters, directing actors and getting the right coverage to tell an amazing story. Furthermore, I will be able to create a distinct tone. Due to the characteristics of the script, I can control every element possible to create a unique narrative through my filmmaking abilities with absolute control.

Further, I want to create two anti‐hero characters. This would help to explore themes that I want to express cinematically such as hate, competition and conflict in human nature. With these two characters, I want to show the dark sides of humanity in a way that people will relate to the character even if they are despicable. Through a personal and intimate story, my intention is to discover the causes of humanity's conflicts. I think there are not many films with hate and misanthropy as the main theme. I believe this is an interesting concept to explore in cinema even if the themes are dark. Other concepts that I explore in this film, through the characters, are Nietzsche's philosophy (especially will to power) and Freud’s psychosexual development.

I want to create a film that will make audiences ask questions about themselves and humanity. I could say it is my 'There Will Be Blood', my 'Schindler's List' or my 'The exterminating Angel'. I consider this my most complex project to date."

-Álvaro Ortega Sanahuja

  • Cast: Janet Roth, Rickey Minder, Alexis Brandt.
  • Director: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Screenplay: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Producer: Anna Tveritina.
  • Executive Producer: Alicia Jurado.
  • Director of Photography: Michelle Castro.
  • Production Designer: Eduardo Bautista.
  • 1st Assistant Director: Eeshaan Roy.
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Kevin A. Easley.
  • Editor: Eeshaan Roy (w. Sebastiano Caccetta).
  • Set Dresser: Anand Menon.
  • Camera Operator/1st Assistant Camera: Yiting Lyu.
  • 2nd Assistant Camera: Victoria Knicks.
  • Gaffer: Jorge Sanchez Pallás.
  • Key Grip: Lin Zhao.
  • Grips: Hussein Ahmed, Jun Kuang, Kellen Gibbs.
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Aaron Amador.
  • Dolly Grip: Jalon Johnson.
  • Sound Mixer: Alex Goens.
  • Make up: Anjelica Waight.
  • Script Supervisor: Rohan Thakkar.
  • Casting Director: Amanda Vannucchi.
  • Extras casting: Eeshaan Roy.
  • Art Production Assistant: Ahmed Adil.
  • Production Assistants: Joe Gilt, Josephine Merovitz.

Genre: Drama / Psychological Horror.
Runtime: 23 min.
Country: USA.
Language: English.