All The Same (2015)

  • Written & Directed by Eeshaan Roy.
  • Direction of Photography by Álvaro Ortega S.

The film follows two parallel stories of a Sikh Father and son, and an estranged American Family that collide to a tragic ending.

Gurpreet, a 19 year old boy, is on the way to his college registration with his 54 year old, overbearing father, Sukhwinder. We follow their journey as we discover the history and dynamics of their father-son relationship. 

Jason is a 16 year old boy, growing up in a torn-apart family, where his father,Jonah and mother, Emily, haven't seen eye to eye in years. Jonah has trouble keeping any job because of his habit of letting everyone know his opinions and beliefs. We follow their relationships as Jason lets his parents know about his plans to join the army and not go to college.

But due to chance circumstances, the two stories collide into one another and tragedy ensues.