'Waltz' crowdfunding interviews

Álvaro Ortega S. and members of the 'Waltz' team recorded this morning some interviews for the upcoming 'Waltz' fundraising campaign. The campaign will be out next week, so please check it out, it will be a way to be part  of this project and there will be a lot of interesting rewards for those who participate.

'Waltz' is Álvaro Ortega's new project to be filmed in the summer of 2015 at Los Angeles, California. Written and Directed by him, this project will be Álvaro's thesis film at the New York Film Academy. With this chamber drama film set in one location during the period of only one night, Álvaro intends to explore through this story and its characters themes of competition, conflict, greed, hate or evolution, and philosophies such as Nietzsche's will to power or Freud's psychosexual development.

Find more about 'Waltz' here.