'Waltz' has officially wrapped Production!

After eight months of pre-production, we are proud to announce that we have wrapped the production phase of Alvaro Ortega's latest film, Waltz. Working with a great crew and great talent, we have a lot of great material to work with.  Now, Post-Production has begun and soon we´ll a finalized version of the film. 

Soon, we will be posting photos and updates of the fillm. Perhaps, maybe a sneek peek or the film. Stay alert for updates! Find more about the film HERE.

Please see below a cast and crew photo during production.  Thank you all for your amazing and hard work!

'Waltz' Location Scout

Yesterday, Álvaro Ortega S. went to the location of 'Waltz' with the Director of Photography - Mitch Castro, the Gaffer - Jorge S. Palla, the Production Designer - Eduardo Bautista and the 2nd AD - Kevin Easley Jr. to check the last details before the filming next week.

You can find more about 'Waltz' here.

Here you can see him discusing some details with the Director of Photography.

Thanks to 'Waltz' supporters (actualized)

Thank you very much to our supporters on helping bring 'Waltz' to life: Amadeo Garceran Perez, Rocío Casanova, Enrique Silla, Ana Moscardó, Mario Andrade Manzana, Alicia Jurado, Vicente Sanahuja, Luis Casanova, Angeles López, Rocio Sanahuja, Alberto Jurado, Sylvia Baston, Engloba, María Concepción Manzana, Jaime Ferrando, Luis Martinez, María José Pascual, Macarena Sanahuja, Beba González, Sigfrido González, Consuelo Sanahuja, Jaime Sieres, Miguel Sanchez Sada, Marina Osia, Juan Pascual, Tere Donat, María Lola de Ahumada, Juan Ignacio Diaz Blazquez, Carolina Hermida, Óscar Ros, Pepe Rubert, José Sancho de Diego, José Ignacio Ochoa, Javier Albert Cervera, Genís Benavent Oltra, Kevin Easley Jr., Conchin Silla,  Arancha Acuña, Marta Nebot Zurita, Raquel Vicente Gómez, Maribel Abril, Manu Aleixandre, Chon Donat, María Amparo Franch, Pilar Ferrer, María José Llavech, Mari Carmen Lloris, Carmen Macias, Margarita Valconeras, Andrés Artal, Carmen Bayona, Irene Benlloch, Felix Blanco, Prerna Chawla, Juan Ignacio González Walter, Lucas Gotor, Andrés Jeréz, Juan Ignacio Lombardi, Juan Vicente Martinez Zaragoza, Alberto Montalvá, Arturo Mora, Jaume Muñoz, Aloaye Omoake, Patricia Ana Pastor Grau, Manuel Rablabla, Luisa Rodriguez, Fernando Rubio, Toni Tortosa, Mari Carmen Benavent Domingo, Maribel Grima, Pepe Velasco and Emma Moony.

Thank you! You made this movie possible!

'Waltz' crowdfunding interviews

Álvaro Ortega S. and members of the 'Waltz' team recorded this morning some interviews for the upcoming 'Waltz' fundraising campaign. The campaign will be out next week, so please check it out, it will be a way to be part  of this project and there will be a lot of interesting rewards for those who participate.

'Waltz' is Álvaro Ortega's new project to be filmed in the summer of 2015 at Los Angeles, California. Written and Directed by him, this project will be Álvaro's thesis film at the New York Film Academy. With this chamber drama film set in one location during the period of only one night, Álvaro intends to explore through this story and its characters themes of competition, conflict, greed, hate or evolution, and philosophies such as Nietzsche's will to power or Freud's psychosexual development.

Find more about 'Waltz' here.