Natural Born Losers (2015)

Condemning the future to death so it can match the past.

A Boy wanders the country with his car trying to escape from his past after a break-up. One night a Girl attempts to commit suicide by jumping in front of his car. After that he is forced to take care of her. As they pass days together he starts understanding her and looking life through a new perspective. This would make him understand his own past mistakes as they help each other.

With a hypnotic feeling the film drives audiences deep into the psyche of two insecure and broken characters, both reflect everybody's fear of an unknown future due to the errors of the past. 'Natural Born Losers' is a film for lost souls that explores the angst and confusion of becoming an adult and making mistakes in the process. The short film talks about looking at life through other eyes in order to find a meaning to your own life through learning of your past experiences. Our mistakes can make us scared of the future, but they also teach us which road to take, it teaches to keep moving and that every single soul is important and has it's own meaningful path.

  • Cast: Michelle Ivette Badgley, Ian Leitch.
  • Director: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Screenplay: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Producer: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Executive Producer: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Director of Photography: Haozhe Zhang.
  • 1st Assistant Director: Ishani Jayamaha.
  • Editing: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Sound Editor: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Sound Mixer: Luis Henriquez, Jalon Johnson & Eduardo Cascaes.
  • Assistant Camera: Kuang Jun.
  • Gaffer: Kraig Dane.
  • Key Grip: Liz Zhao.
  • Art Direction: Luis Henriquez.
  • Script Supervisor: Eeshaan Roy.
  • Make-Up: Kimberly O'Hara.
  • Wardrobe: Margaret Flaszynska

Genre: Drama / Road Movie.
Runtime: 15 min.
Country: USA.
Language: English.