Learned lessons (2015)

You need to let go of the past in order to move on with your life.

'Learned Lessons' follows the story of Brea after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Having difficulties to let go that relationship, she had no left her apartment in one month. Her friends, Kevin and Victoria, come over to throw an intervention, during which they bring up all the reasons why Brea should move on. Unwilling to listen Brea tries to stop the conversation. As an extreme measure Victoria will bring up Brea's Learned Lessons box, where Brea keeps all her ex-boyfriends items, to show her that her past love life is her past and maybe the next step will be better.

  • Cast:Tamara Winn, Oma Fedi. Devin Bonnee.
  • Director: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Screenplay: Tamara Winn.
  • Produced by: Tamara Winn.
  • Director of Photography: Eeshaan Roy.
  • Gaffer: Alex Van Putten.
  • Editing: Brandon Lee.
  • Composer: Tyler Beeuwsaert.
  • 1st Assistant Director: Kevin A. Easley.
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Diana Salazar.
  • Sound Mixer: Tom Hopper.

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Running Time: 6 mins.
Country: USA.
Language: English.