Dust To Dust (2015)

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

'Dust to Dust' is a character chamber drama that narrates the story of Dalia, a recovered drug-addict. Dalia is a new person, she's clean after being forced to enter a rehab clinic  due to an arrest for prostitution in order to buy drugs. To start from scratch she has to face the most difficult, face and break her relationship with her old boyfriend, the addict that got her into drugs. When Tom's door opens and both old lovers see each other the spark and the sexual tension appears again. Dalia is dragged to her old world where the temptation of love, sex and drugs are everywhere, inviting her to forget her new objectives and go back to the life that the charming Tom represents.

The film is composed with only 2 scenes and 3 shots overall. The main scene of the film consists of a moving shot of 10 minutes straight without a cut, where the camera follows Dalia into Tom's apartment and stays there as either of them couldn't escape that world they just enter. Both actors deliver incredible performances that make the audiences remember all their past loves and relationship, the feeling of temptation and the difficulty of letting go. 

  • Cast: Amanda Vannucchi, Max Venison.
  • Director: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Screenplay: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Producer: Amanda Vannucchi.
  • Executive Producer: Amanda Vannucchi.
  • Director of Photography: Alister Conway.
  • 1st Assistant Director: Kraig Dane.
  • Editing: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Sound Editor: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Sound Mixer: Mike Darling.
  • Assistant Camera: Johannes Hochgatterer.
  • Gaffer: Johannes Hochgatterer.
  • Make-Up: Paola Andrea Steward.

Genre: Drama / Romance.
Runtime: 12 min.
Country: USA.
Language: English.