Anything Goes (2015)

In the city, love is between a couple of glasses of wine and a murder plan.

'Anything Goes' narrates the story of Bill, a recently divorced pseudo-intellectual writer, and his struggles with his neurotic ex-wife after she convinces him to team up with her in the murder of the physically abusive husband of a common friend.

Shot in beautiful black and white, the film reminds you of the classic romantic comedies of Frank Capra, Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder or Howard Hawks. 'Anything Goes' is a love letter to life, love and Álvaro Ortega's home town, Valencia. Through the story and characters the film shows the original lives and eccentric characters that populate modern western cities. Through the film the audience explores love, modern relationships and comedy as they get involved in talks about art, philosophy and murder plans. 'Anything Goes' show us that as hard and absurd life is, it's still worth to live it and laugh at it.

  • Cast: Ana Calabozo, Pablo Soler, Silvia Torregosa, Felix Blanco, Lucas Gotor.
  • Director: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Screenplay: Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Producer: Javier Albert & Paloma Más.
  • Executive Producer: Javier Albert, Paloma Más & Álvaro Ortega S.
  • Director of Photography: Genís Benavent.
  • 1st Assistant Director: Alberto Montalvá.
  • Editing: Pedro Giménez & Genís Benavent.
  • Sound Editor: Pedro Giménez.
  • Sound Mixer: Juan Novella, Victor Ramo & Pau Llopis .
  • Assistant Camera: Ester Morell.
  • Gaffer: Ester Morell.
  • Art Direction: Carla Marqués.
  • Script Supervisor: Fernando Rubio.
  • Make-Up: Maria José Tarin.

Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Black Comedy.
Runtime: 85 min.
Country: Spain.
Language: Spanish.