Voice as a Filmmaker

"As a filmmaker, I've always been attracted to human beings and their emotions. I've tried to explore their minds and souls, especially women's: their emotions, strengths, desires, contradictions, feelings, uniqueness and doubts among others. 

My body of work addresses such themes as love, self-acceptance, justice, relationships, anger, self -discovery, friendship and temptation. I consider my movies to be both realist yet self-reflective, sensual yet brutal. All of them are a close exploration of human nature and its relation with life itself.

My mission as a filmmaker is,not just to create stories and characters that everybody can relate to, but through those stories, to make the audience take a closer look to themselves, their lives, their most important memories and feelings. With every project I've ever made, from my comedies to my dramas or thrillers, I intended to let the audience discover a new side of their selves and, that way, show them how interesting and unique their lives, feelings and thoughts are"

-Álvaro Ortega S.