Voice as a Filmmaker

"As a filmmaker, I've always found cinema as the best opportunity to explore the minds, souls, emotions strengths, desires and contradictions of human beings. And not just do it from a point that it’s not only relatable to audiences, but also compelling and entertaining in a way that only a true cinematic experience can deliver.

My body of work addresses such themes as love, justice, guilt, redemption, anger and friendship. I consider my movies to be both realistic yet self-reflective and sensual yet brutal. All of them are a close exploration of human nature and its relation with life itself.

My mission as a filmmaker is not just to create stories and characters that everybody can relate to, but through those stories make the audience take a closer look to themselves. With every project I've ever made, from my comedies to my dramas or thrillers, I intended to get the audience to discover a new side of themselves and, that way, show them how interesting and unique each of their individual lives, feelings and thoughts really are. Because after all, films are not for filmmakers, but for audiences.

I believe cinema is a work of love, in movies there is love on behalf of whom has done them and in good movies you can feel that love on the screen. Films are not just able to create the illusion through story, characters, rhythm and atmosphere. But they are able to make that illusion, not only feel real, but to really matter for whoever is watching it."

-Álvaro Ortega S.